NPP Manifesto on Creative Arts, Tourism and Culture

The NPP has touted their achievements in the area of creative arts, tourism, and culture in their 3+years in power. Mr. Abdul Karim, the Npp Rep listed their achievements and reference his colleague panel to their manifesto. However, Mr. Nayi Issahaku, an intellectual property consultant disagreed.

Mr. Nayi Issahaku stated that there are other policy bills that previous governments since the 1960s came up with and planned to adopt have been left to dust on the shelves on the copyright administration office.

So comparing the Npp 2016 manifesto to the 2020 manifesto the NPP has not achieved close to 20% of the promise they made in the area of creative arts, tourism, and culture.

Exclusive with Ibrahim Mahama and G.W. Kofi Dawson: “In Pursuit of something ‘Beautiful’, perhaps”.

Mr. Abdul Karim indicated that interest groups and associations especially in the northern region, who in the creative arts industry need to form a united front and present a policy document that outlines their needs in the creative arts industry.

He also stressed on the need for representation at the parliamentary level, Mr. Abdul Karim tasked the players in the arts industry to elect people who are interested in creative arts to represent them and not fully put the blame on the entire government especially the president.

Mr. Hayi in his rebuttal however said the government needs to take almost more than half of the blame for the decline in the tourism, arts, and culture industry because they are the decision-makers and policy implementors

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