“success comes unexpectedly so what you need to do is work harder” – BJ

Story; Hasana Sulemana

The network for life family has been in existence for some years now in Tamale. This known family has made a few tracks together in terms of collaboration as a family known as the  Lagfu family. The family has grown in such a way that they do consult one another when it comes to musical ideas.

Hamza a.k.a BJ one from Zahayuri and a member of Lagfu famil, speaking to Sanatu Zambang in an interview said personally he has few trucks featuring Network which includes Dabien, Hustle ft network n starface, Destination, etc. In addition, he said whenever he has an idea which he wants to make a truck about and looking forward to making it a standard one, he goes in for Network.

The track Hustle for instance talks a lot about how he started from scratch to making it to where he is now, only God can tell and that is the topmost track he likes and the track also indicate how the family came to being.

According to BJ one after releasing a track which needs promotion is hard nowadays not like then times that truck’s promotion was mostly done by DJs but now most DJs will support you by playing your tracks and would experts something in return which isn’t helping the industry.

BJ one said “success comes unexpectedly so what you need to do is work harder”

Networq is releasing a track name Lagfu meaning Money, with its producer from the US. The Lagfu track coming from a Lagfu family member is one song that best describes the family as compared to Hustle.

Shooting Lagfu video also caused a fused in town to the extend most people thought Networq had failed in his music career not knowing he was shooting a video for his truck. The video had scenes of Network acting as a second-hand clothes dealer and a “yellow yellow” driver which made people think otherwise.

According to Network social media is one tool that has to help him a lot because personally he is poor at promotion especially when it comes to a track but wants he knows and has also been doing is place his tracks online mostly audio mark and YouTube.

Though most of his fan base most do not know how to use social media especially for reading to understand nor subscribing to the YouTube channel.

To those fans using social media follow and subscribe to the channel and load the Lagfu track.

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