The NDC believes in the youth is unwavering – Madam Hamida

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

In this era of Covid-19, where most of our political parties’ rallies are going to be held virtual due to the restriction imposed by the pandemic, who better to run the rallies than the youth. The 2020 elections will depend on the party that is able to mobilize their youth well to send out information out since we are in the era of information.

During a podcast session in the studios of Sanatu Zambang to discuss the role of the youth in bringing the  National Democratic Congress (NDC) back into power, Madam Hamida Abdul Rahman, a member of the NDC communications team in the Northern region reminded the audience that, ‘’the NDC believes in the youth is unwavering.’’ 

Madam Hamida spoke passionately about the NDC belief in youth and linked it to the NDC anthem to explained her point of why she believes her party promotes and understands the importance of the youth to the party as well as the society.

‘’I think throughout the country or throughout the political society, it is only the NDC that has an anthem, I mentioned the anthem because I want to discuss the content of the anthem.

The beginning of the anthem says we should rise and you know, when the issue of rising comes, it is a bit linked with the youth that, we should rise for Ghana, we patriot of the land towards a secure future and when the future is being mentioned, then, it is again linked to the youth’’.

Madam Hamida

She did not stop there. To add to the reasons the NDC is a for the youth and their belief in the youth to lead now, Madam Hamida pointed out the history of the NDC, how it came about, who led it, and who he brought along to lead with him.

The other thing is looking at where NDC came from, How Jerry John Rowling came out to rule this country. He was a young man he got other young officers including himself to rescue this country from some unbearable hardship. Most Ghanaians at that time agreed that the hardship in the society was so unbearable.

Madam Hamida

The communicator also set herself as an example when it comes to the party giving the opportunity to the youth to lead. Recounting how she came out to contest for the position of the District Chief Executive in her village at the age of 26 in 2009.

‘’I had graduated from the university and I had a conversation with someone at the national executive and he said there is nothing wrong with me being the District Chief Executive at 26, so go and file for it. That was in 2009. Yes, I came around and I got the support. You know this part of our country; the young people are supposed to be holding the bags of our elders.

I came and I was part of them going through the vetting, nobody discouraged me. I was rather encouraged and after the vetting, I emerge as the third person unfortunately, I did not go through. I got the encouragement to push on.’’

Madam Hamida

The 2009 NDC administration was one that had a very youthful appointment. According to Madam Hamida, the appointments were done strategically to pave way for the youth.

They were roped in to be mentored, to take up the management of the country. We were pursuing the revolutionary agender to get the youth to take up the management of the country while the elderly give out the advice because of the youth arbor a lot of energy.  vibrancy is for the youth.

Madam Hamida

These appointments in the 2009 NDC government has led a significant number of the youth to contest positions in the party internal election and it yielded result because quite a number of the young people are occupying the national and regional executives positions to push the youth agender that the party has been championing since its inception.

As a party, Madam Hamida says they appreciate this evolution and want to make the best use of this evolution to come back to power. To do this, she mentions the importance of information in this era of politics and how the youth can play a part in the dissemination of information to bring back the NDC into power to continue their youth agender.

‘’Today go to our national office, most of our executives are young people. They are all young. It is because we have appreciated the fact that, the youth arbor some vibrancy.

It is through the youth that you can get information, it through the youth that you can propagate, you can share your information. If you want your information to get down there, it is through the youth and you cannot talk about the youth without information, you cannot talk about the youth without vibrancy. You cannot talk about politics without the evolution of today.’’

Madam Hamida

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