Akutia Retrospective Exhibition has influenced my next line of fashion designs – Hikima

Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse || Sanatu Zambang

As the Akutia testimonies are trooping in, Ms. Hikima Mahamuda; a fashion designer based in Tamale could not fold her tongue either. Hikima has been staying in Accra and started her clothing shop in Tamale only a year ago.

According to the designer, her recent experience at the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art (SCCA) and the Red Clay Studios respectively, has printed a permanent mark on her fashion journey.

As a lover of art, Ms. Mahamuda said she could not hold back the awe of the scenery displayed at the exhibition. The designer said she heard about Ibrahim Mahama (founder of SCCA) in Accra when she went to stock clothes at the shop Accra. The owner asked where she was from probably given Hikima’s Muslim and Northern name. She then followed up to ask if she knew who Ibrahim Mahama was since they are both from Tamale. Hikima did not know him then. She decided to find out about him and ever since, she has been following the artist works online

Hikima who has a bachelor’s degree in Development Planning, started sewing at age 7, but it did not materialize until after she finished school.

“During my 1-year compulsory national service, I realized office is not my type. This made me take up clothing design fully.” She said.

Her appearance at the exhibition was not to only feel art, but take up some inspiration from the paintings, sculpture and all the creative works that were on display.

Hikima said that henceforth, her works as influenced by the Akutia Art Exhibition will change completely. She said the various elements that were implored in the works has thought her how differently she can work.

She also was taken by the massive turnout and hopes that trends in art will keep growing in the north to adjust the mindset of the people.

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