Performing someone’s copyrighted song without consent is punishable by law

Photo Source:Directorr Anas

Photo Source:Directorr Anas

Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse || Sanatu Zambang

An Intellectual property right management expert with the ministry of justice, has said that using someone’s intellectual creation without consent from the creator is a crime in the law.

This he said this during a presentation at Sanatu Zambang Studios in Tamale. He cited this year’s Sagani TV’s sallah virtual concert. Mr. Nayi said actor and comedian, Umar Janda’s performance of the Nigerian song was not ethical.

He stated that unless Umar had sought consent from the composer otherwise, it was illegal. Mr. Nayi said IP gives exclusive rights to the owners and for that, creative artists should try and copyright their works.

On the benefits of copyright, it gives the creator a commercial exploitation of his/her work. This give them a competitive advantage. Another benefit of copyright is income generation.

Mr. Nayi also illustrated the various rights that an individual who has applied for copyright is entitled to. These rights exclusively reserve all entitlements to the owner. It also reserves the distribution of the work and selling/lending of the work. These are reserved for the owner to either permit people or not.

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