About Us

Sanatu Zambang – The White Cat Studios is a Ghanaian Film and Media Organization centered on the @GlobalGoalsUN || Produces of @StarXTV

Sanatu Zambang was started in 2014 on google blog name Hidden voices with Land Mark Studios. The blog focused on highlighting water, sanitation and hygiene-related stories. In 2015, the name was changed from Hidden Voices with LandMark Studio to Sanatu Zambang. The name was inspired by the founder’s grandmother who imbued the true definition of what Africa woman should be, bold. As the name changed. The focus was expanded. With the same vision, but this time around, given the women the wheel. The vision is to give women space and environment to grow, explore and create a world of their own using digital technology and communication in promotions of the SDGs and making the environment a safer place for all to live in. Since 2015, Sanatu Zambang has produced media content including documentaries, drama scripts, and E-magazines. We have worked with Kofi Annan Institute of Excellence in IT, ActionAid, Norsaac Centre for science and health communications Water Aid, Marie Stopes International and UNICEF.


Unleash the potential of the minds of this generation, using media, film and drama, to tell personal stories, come up with innovations, entrepreneurial ideas, science and technology, to inspire and to create an environment, were we don’t have to only test the minds of this generation with information and facts and figures but will also teach them how to think and be creative, and what it means to be a human being, to value human life and how to make relationships work, how to bounce back from adversity, so they can become assets to our society rather than liabilities.


To journey through discoveries of the science of neuroplasticity, using
media, film and drama and train the minds of this generation to improve intelligence, learn new skills, be kinder, be happier and be more content.


  • Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations
  • Value for the environment and ecosystems
  • Professional, effective and informed by relevant science
  • Creative, flexible and innovative
  • Sensitive to gender
  • Quality, equality, and ethics
  • Passion


There is no development strategy more beneficial to society as a whole – women and men alike – than the one which involves women as central players

Our customers and audience, they are the reason we exist, they are the reason we survive.

The Team, they are the reason our customers and audience are happy, so their happiness, mentality and self awareness is very important. The team is not like a family, the team is a family