Understanding the developmental needs of the people of Mion | Misbahu Mahama NDC PC

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With a deep history rooted in Sang under the Mion Constituency, Misbahu Adams Mahama is returning home to give Mion a new facelift. A new facelift that is beneficial to both the young and the old. A new facelift that is human interest and focuses on the needs of the people.

A member of Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana, ICAG and The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy professional group.

Ahead of former President Mahama town durbar engagement with the people of Mion under his ”Building Ghana Tour” Misbahu invited me to his ancestral home, kumingu yili or you can also call it Gbetob Naa Yili in Nayili Fong located in Sang under the Mion Constituency. We discussed the reason he returned home to seek the mandate of his people behind the flag of the National Democratic Congress to represent them in parliament, what his visions are, and the thematic areas he would focus on when elected into office. 

Understanding the developmental needs of the people of Mion is key to changing their lives

Misbahu Adams Mahama

While he remembers the fond memories of the place and the numerous adventures he has had in this place, Mr Misbahu is disheartened to see the level of poverty and thirst staring at his face anytime he returns home to visit his remaining relatives in Sang. He sees the suffering of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons . With that in mind, he seeks to collaborate with the young and elderly people of Mion, so together they can transform their lives and give Mion a well deserved and prosperous future filled with hopes and dreams. 

With no prior history in politics Mr Misbahu is taking strategic approaches when discussing issues of interventions in his constituency. Mion has been a hub of striving businesses and dress making is among the top list of entrepreneurial businesses popping up in the district, and that he has met with some of the dressmakers in the district and has noted their concerns.

The plan is not to share sewing machines without any strategic foresight for the future, not all dressmakers are able to sustain their businesses after their graduation, others simply do not know how to build a client base. Most of Mion dress makers apprentices are only taught how to sew but not how to start a business, so giving them only sewing machines without any start up business training is simply not sustainable

Misbahu Adams Mahama

Mr Misbahu also mentioned he met with some well established fashion entrepreneurs to seek more understanding about the fashion business especially for start ups and one of the sustainable ideas that came to light was mass production of school uniforms, and other district assemble needs in relation to fashion and dress making.

If voted come December 7th, to represent Mion under the leadership of John Mahama as President of Ghana once again in 2025, he would engage with the district assembly together with the Ghana education service under the supervision of John Mahama so they could enact a law or bylaw, where schools and other government offices would engage and supply the dressmakers association of Mion constituency mass production assignments. This Misbahu says will be a sustainable intervention and would create more jobs for the people of Mion.   

Mr Misbahu also hinted that his team are doing the research on other sustainable interventions for the people of Mion and as and when these research are ready and approved, they will be found inside the NDC peoples manifesto.

Mr Misbahu Adams Mahama also has an MSC. Development Finance University of Ghana (2012), LLB University of London (2018), and a B.A in Accountancy and Finance GIMPA (2006).

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