Énergierich: Creating Opportunities for Young People in the Northern Region

Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Editor Sanatu Zambang

In the past three years, Énergierich has worked in the Northern Region by partnering with Red Clay Studio and Tamale Technical University to train students on how to ensemble Solar panels and install them on buildings using locally acquired materials.

In previous years, students from the TaTU together with the staff of Énergierich have worked to ensemble solar panels. The training has been done in stages. This year, the students are installing the panels at their school, Redclay Studio and a mosque in the Savelugu Municipality.  

One of the key learnings from this project is how locals can produce their clean energy using materials from their surroundings. And so with the assembling of the panel, they experimented with materials until they found the one that was suitable for their environment. In the early stages while they were still experimenting, they realised that the material used were melting so they had to look for other materials that can withstand the temperature of the environment.

As part of the project, the students were shown sample lamination machine to build to that perform the duty it is intend to perform. the team from So while they are looking to build clean energy for the Énergierich provided them with some materials while they also looked around their environment to get materials that will work for them going forward.

In this project, student are thought how to identify and sample materials in their immediate environment to build clean energy, business and create job opportunity for other. The lamination machine is used to improve the quality of the prototype they built.

The solar when installed especially at RedClay Studio will help in their training and teaching process to help community kids at Jenna where it is located. Air conditioning has been installed in planes used as classrooms for community kids to learn arts, coding and how to fly drones. All these are done for free so the installation of the solar panel will reduce the energy burden on the institution.

Students from junior high and senior high are not left out of this training.  They have gone through innovation Workshops facilitated by students/alumni of Ashesi and Stanford teaching them robotics, coding, Arduino and innovation, using a combination of found items and high technology.  The purpose is to introduce young kids to engineering skills and how they can apply them to create innovative solutions to their everyday problems.  

‘’We are learning the coding part, thus the C++ even though in our syllabus is it HTML that we are using. C++ has added more knowledge to what I know and I am a step ahead when I go to the university. Also when I need a scholarship to any university, having the knowledge of C++ and having to do a project to prove my knowledge will help a lot and it will be a plus for me to get admission.”

Mustapha Mustabshira, a student from Tamale Senior High School

“I have learnt most of the electronics and the computer language which is very good for me. If I wasn’t here, I would never have had the opportunity. To learn it. And about the censors and everything that they have taught us here is a plus for me. We do physics in school and the electronics that we do here is a big opportunity for me to be ahead of those in school. And even when we are doing it, we do it theoretically. We don’t do it practically. So now I have the opportunity to see the components, wire and everything.’’ 

Abdul Hamid Haruna Meisuna, Kalpohin Senior High School


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