Creation Africa: The call for applications for creative entrepreneurs open

Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Editor Sanatu Zambang

The Creation Africa Ghana project calls for applications from creative entrepreneurs in Ghana to summit their proposals for funding will close on 22nd December, 2023. The project is a funding opportunity from the French Embassy, seeks applications from the creatives and persons in the cultural industry to support their ideas.

Marion Astier, the project lead for Creation Africa Ghana explains that it is an initiative supported by the French Embassy in Ghana. It is part of the broader project from the French Government, which targets 15 African countries and the idea is to bridge the gap between artistry and entrepreneurship and also to foster innovation and job creation.

The acts in the creative and cultural space eligible for funding include fashion designers, musicians, artists, media, content creators, film producers, etc. When selected, the acts will go into an eight-month incubation program on how to develop their idea and also get funding of up to 30.000 Euros. 

When asked why they came to Tamale for the tour, Ms Marion had this to say ‘’We came to Tamale because we have come to realise that, with those initiatives, it is only people in Accra that will hear about it and people outside Accra will not. So this is why we decided to do a tour to talk about the different initiatives that are there for creatives and cultural entrepreneurs to make sure that they can benefit from it. ‘’

She further lists the criteria that the judges will be looking out for in the selection process.  ‘’the idea has to be innovative, something new, something that will create job opportunities and something that will stay. Building venues, building a fashion brand and something that can even travel outside of Ghana. ‘’

‘’Even if they don’t get funding, at least, they will learn how to present a project to potential investors. Helping them build something like a financial plan to be able to sell the project to potential investors,’’ she adds

She said this at the Tamale Creative Mixer, RedClay Studio organised by the French Embassy and Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art. The gathering had in attendance creatives from the Northern Upper West and North East region. 

The music industry is another sector that the French Government is supporting the Government of Ghana to grow and help musicians get the benefits from their labour.  The support to the Ghana music industry is a pilot project that started last June and will end in two years.

The goal according to the project coordinator for Support the Expansion of the Music Industry, Ms Emily Meisel said is to support the industry to strengthen and enhance the money artists will make for a long time. ‘’The idea is not to give some money here and there while the project ends and there are no benefits for a long time. And so this is why we are two organisations partnering together for long-term changes.’’

Expertise France is partnering with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts and the agencies under the ministry to implement the project.

‘’The idea is to work on two main streams of revenue for music artists. The first one is copyrights. It is a fact that artists will be able to make money every time that their music is played online or on the radio, they can make some money. So we are doing some awareness campaign. We are working on all the music value chains.  We have some professionals to give more insight into the music business.

Mr Divine Owusu Ansah, Deputy Director, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, assured the people of Tamale that, his ministry is aware of the dilapidated nature of the Centre for National Culture and plan are been made for the renovation of the place so it can be use for its intended purpose. Currently, he says they have already presented a budget to the ministry of Finance waiting for approval for work to commence.

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