Austrian-based fashion label to debut on Trends Runway Show 2022 is an Austrian-based fashion label that was born in Ghana out of the passion and love of its founder, Maja Ansah, to share the beauty of Africa with the world.

Modern City Hotel is set to host the 2nd edition of the Trends Runway show on 5th November 2022 right in the city of Tamale. Trends Runway is a fashion show known for its focus on projecting the northern region through fashion.

This year’s Trends Runway Show is on the theme Fashion Beyond Boundaries and is set to promote inclusivity and diversity in the creative industry in Tamale. The event will have 20 creative fashion designers in and outside the region showcasing their creative works to fashion enthusiasts and creatives.

ccc‘s focus is to raise awareness around Ghanaian fashion culture as well as support the Ghanaian local slow fashion industry. Through fashion, ccc aims to support cultural interactions and create opportunities for growth and development through individual and cultural empowerment.

The fashion designers set to showcase their collections include Fatsu Garments and Design Institute, Kawula Klothing, Hiky Moda fashion, House of Micky, De-she collection, Fihankra Gh etc.

For a long time, the creative arts industry in the region has been segregated and music dominates the others. Creatives do not see the need to work with each other. Fashion Beyond Boundaries is about preaching and forging relationships with other creatives in the arts sector in Tamale.

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