Fatima Sumani holds free fashion workshops for clients and students

Rahama Zakaria | Sanatu Zambang

As part of the activities to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Fatsu Garments and Designs Institute, Ms Fatima Sumani on the 3rd of September, 2022 organised a free fashion workshop for the public at its premises.

In attendance were her students, clients, fashion students from the Tamale Technical University and fashion enthusiasts within the metropolis.

The workshop which was divided into four parts started with a fashion film show and a lecture from Mr Ibrahim Nayi Issaahuku who works with the northern division of the copyright office, a department under the Ministry of Justice responsible for the administration of copyright in Ghana.

Mr Nayi in his submission reiterated his organisation’s mandate and how they work.  According to him, their functions under the constitution include implementation of copyright and its related laws, regulating and providing for copyright administration, investigating and redressing cases of infringement of copyright, and settling disputes of copyright, where those disputes have not been reserved for settlement by the Copyright Tribunal.

They are also responsible for the administration of external copyright relations, Administering copyrights of which the State is the owner and carrying out other duties which are necessary for the effective administration of copyright and related rights in Ghana.

He also explained to the audience the difference between patent, copyright and trademark and why every creative should know them if they see their craft as a business. he advised creatives to register their innovations if they want to enjoy protection under the laws of Ghana.

The second part of the workshop was led by Madam Humu, a Tie&Dye textile expert in the Metropolis who has over a decade of experience in the field. Madam Humu took the audience through how to make the Tie&Dye and the things needed in the field.

For some of the students, that was their first time learning the skills and showed their gratitude to Fatsu Garments for giving them the privilege to learn such a skill for free. According to them, this skill would go a long way to help them in their career development and also open options for them.

Fatima Sumani took over the final stage by teaching the participants how to make fashion accessories like earrings, hair bands, bags, etc. using waste fabrics at the workshop This part also taught the participants that, they should not be quick to trash waste fabric s at their workshop, They can reuse them for other things in the future.

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