I appreciate the kind of dedication each artist gave | Artistic Director of SCCA Tamale, Selorm Kudjie

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria | Producer, Breakfast Live Show

The artistic director for Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art, Mr Selorm Kudjie talks about the recent exhibition, Existing Otherwise, the future of coexisting that was open to the public from 14th of January in all the three spaces, Nkrumah Volni, Redclay Studio and Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art.

He acknowledges the efforts and dedication that each artist brought to make the exhibition a success. Speaking during a Podcast session at Sanatu Zambang studio, the artistic director reiterated the labour, time, financial, and other factors each artist gave in the production of their work for this exhibition to happen.

When it came to the effort and technicality involved in the exhibition, this is what he had to say about Ana Alenso

‘’Ana Alenso. I was wondering how it was going to come together because I wasn’t much involved in that area.

Ana Alenso work that I did not know how it was going happen. I knew she was working with barrels and stuff like that but I did not know how she was going to engage it the space. The silo is a very tricky space already. It has its own character, so if you come to tap into it, your work might be lost, or it might be too much for the space.’’

Artist Director of SCCA Tamale, Selorm Kudjie
‘’she was able to manage it. The light was startled, it was not too much. You know there are bats in there, they find their way inside it and are now inhabiting in It. But she still finds a way to keep them in the silo with the light in it without losing anything’’. He added.

For Selorm, this kind of group exhibition is good to have because it brings both young and professional artists together to meet and have conversations about their work. It also helps them as artists to appreciate each and everyone work. 

The discussion for Existing Otherwise, the future of coexisting started in 2020, with Solveg telling Ibrahim Mahama how she wanted to have a collaborate with the SCCA institution to have a group exhibition. She made a follow up by formally writing to the institution to have the exhibition.

Though the curators for the exhibition was Solveg and Ibrahim Mahama, Selorm still find a way to come in to support the artists and the curators. He explained to them how space operate for them to take certain factors into consideration, in terms of lightening, certain placement of windows and stuff like that and also some of the characteristics of the space are like Redclay, Nkrumah Volni and SCCA. 

The artists in the exhibition are Ana Alenso (VZ), Ato Jackson, (GH), Bernard Akoi-Jackson (GH), Cecilia Vicuna (CL), Eli Cortinas (ES), Emily Hunt, (AU), Ernest Sackitey (GH), Hannah Torticki (DK), Jem Bendeli (GB), Rosemary Esinam Damalie (GH), Ruzgar Buski (TR), Sarah Ama Duah (GH), Sandra Kyere (GH), Selom Kudjie (GH), Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn (TH) and Tracy Naa Koshie Thompson (GH).

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