Existing Otherwise, the future of coexisting exhibition opens in Tamale

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria | Producer, Breakfast Live Show

Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art (SCCA), Nkrumah Volini and Redclay studio have opened an exhibition titled Existing Otherwise, the future of coexisting. The exhibition which was opened on 14th of January 2022 at the Redclay Studio and 20th and 21 January 2022 at Nkrumah Volini and SCCA will end on 4th April, 2022.

Existing Otherwise, the future of coexisting exhibition and re-schooling programme is a group exhibition of various artists from different nationals using their forms of art to communicate the relationship of the materials and the impact of industries actions in our society. The curators for the exhibition are Solveg and Ibrahim Mahama.

These artists include Ana Alenso (VZ), Ato Jackson,(GH), Bernard Akoi-Jackson (GH), Cecilia Vicuna (CL), Eli Cortinas (ES), Emily Hunt, (AU), Ernest Sackitey (GH), Hannah Torticki (DK), Jem Bendeli (GB), Rosemary Esinam Damalie (GH), Ruzgar Buski (TR), Sarah Ama Duah (GH), Sandra Kyere (GH), Selom Kudjie (GH), Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn (TH) and Tracy Naa Koshie Thompson (GH).

Speaking at the opening of Ana Alenso work at Nkrumah Voli, the co-curator and founder of SCCA Tamale, Ibrahim Mahama mentions how the idea of Existing Otherwise, the future of coexisting exhibition was birth. Saying it started in Copenhagen when he joined Solveg to work on a project. 

Ana Alenso who had a solo exhibition at Nkrumah Volini (Silo) showed the relationship between the mining and the energy sector and how this two giant industries impact people and the environment. As an artist, Ana work is focus on the impact of mining in her country and how actors can be responsible so that their actions does not undermine our existence and future.

In existing otherwise, Ana localises her art to fit into the Ghanaian mining and energy sector highlighting the work of these people in a short documentary and creating an atmosphere inside Nkrumah Volini so that people who have never been inside a mining pit will have that feel of it. In her speech at the opening, Ana askes the audience not to focus on the negativity but rather the possibilities that we have.

“MAD RUSH”. A solo show by Venezuelan artist Ana Alenso has officially opened at Nkrumah Voli-ni. The exhibition is part of EXISTING OTHERWISE. THE FUTURE OF COEXISTENCE curated by @solvejovesen and co-curated by Isabel Lewis and Ibrahim Mahama. Looking forward to showing the public around this magnificent show before it closes on 30th April 2022.

Working with sculpture, photography, installation, sound and video, her work builds an allegorical cosmos showcasing the economic, social and ecological risks and imbalances that are implicit in natural resource extractive practices. Her work has been exhibited in several spaces and institutions in Europe and Latin America. She holds an MFA in Art in Context from the Berlin University of Arts (2015), an MFA in Media Art & Design from Bauhaus University Weimar (2012) and a BA from Armando Reverón Arts University in Venezuela (2004).

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