Ghana Trace & Northern Entertainment Filla team up for Sanatu Zambang May 2021 Editorial Cover

For the May 2021 Editorial Cover, Sanatu Zambang called on Ghana Trace and Northern Entertainment Filla to collaborate on an editorial piece titled Where are they now (Northern Ghana Missing Talents). Nabi Yong, Mohammed May, and Mo Torfek are Northern Ghana’s most promising bloggers and entertainment pundits. Nabi Yong is the brain behind Northern Entertainment Filla whiles Mohammed May, and Mo Torfek Ghana Trace.

Previous editors of the monthly editorial are Prince Barak, an entertainment critic, and pundit in the northern region. Barak editorial was centered on Top 10 songs that missed the musical spotlight in 2020

To celebrate 2019 International Women’s Day, Norsaac together with Sanatu Zambang ensemble five female musicians to compose a song to create awareness on sexual and gender based violence within the showbiz industry in the north. The message of the song was clear, production and composition was on point but unfortunately the disease in the industry did not let the song trend. Maybe because it spoked against the gatekeepers of the industry. The song was produced by Flames.

Guest Editorial Lead: Prince Barak | March 2021 Editorial Cover

April Editorial featured Mumuni Yirifa Yunus, Yunus radio stint span close to two decades. His stay in radio has seen him work with people like DJ Mezz, DJ Sensational, Yamusah, King Hassan, Murphy, Kliff, and Brother Nash. His work on radio has also seen him produce shows for some of the best DJs in town. 

February 2021 editorial lead by NetWorq LagFu titled 2020 Music Review | Top 10 songs that ruled on radio and online streams in Northern Ghana saw Wiz Child taking the lead.

Zamaani Da Gonga, formerly known as Lil K is a Dagbanli music singer based in Tamale. He started his craft as a Rapper in the mid-2000s and produced some very controversial and battle songs which propelled him into the musical limelight. However, he switched to singing and fast became one of the most recognized singers in the Northern Region. His rendition of P-Square’s “No One Like You” with compatriot Dong Sigli (ca.2009)was the turning point of his career, especially after he fell out with Don Sigli after the release of the hit song. He carved a support base for himself as a result. Despite having gone off the scene for a number of years later, he came back strongly around 2016, producing hit after hit after hit. Songs like Mumuna, Ti bi lan monsira,  Nye Nyongu, Nyo Mugli, and 2019 smash hit, Suhupielli, which celebrated the enskinment of Yaa Naa Abukari II are some of the greatest hits of his career.

Guest Editorial LeadMumuni Yirifa Yunus | April 2021 Editorial Cover 

The trio thus Nabi Yong, Mohammed May, and Mo Torfek are also set to feature on Sanatu Zambang HotspotLive Show in August 2021 to talk about the, May 2021 editorial cover they worked on and possibly defend any public reaction the editorial may receive.

Hotspot Live is a weekly interactive sister talk show on Sanatu Zambang that sheds light on lifestyle, arts, tourism, and culture. The talk show will drive its content from the Sanatu Zambang newsroom.

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