Prince Barack, Hiky, and Amina Pagnaa to join the cast of Sanatu Zambang Hotspot Live.

The new edition of Sanatu Zambang Hotspot Live is set to premiere on Sanatu Zambang Podcast with fresh new people joining the cast when it kicks start in June this year.

Hotspot Live is a weekly interactive sister talk show on Sanatu Zambang that sheds light on lifestyle, arts, tourism, and culture. The talk show will drive its content from Sanatu Zambang newsroom.

Controversial blogger, TV, and radio personality, Prince Barack and Hikma, a fashion designer based in Tamale with vast experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry will be guest appearing on the show alongside the main cast Rahama, Jamila, and Network Lagfu. Another personality scheduled to appear in the latter part of season 1 is ever babbly Amina Pagnaa.

All these cast bad guest stars come with their own varied personality and different views on arts, culture, lifestyle and fashion. Be sure to tune into the podcast as they take you through their understanding of the topics up for discussion.

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