#sanatuzambangcaféExperience | Mumuni Yirifa Yunus (Season 1 finale)

‘’An artiste like maccasio may seem very young in the industry because he started somewhere in 2014 but looking at his achievement, if his name is found there you shouldn’t be surprised because he is one of the few guys who still holds the national record of drawing more than ten thousand arguable because at that time people were quoting over 18,000 people to the tamale sports stadium. An artiste like Sorebia, you find his name there, you shouldn’t be surprised because if you should look at what he has done to Frafra rap unbelievable achievement. So if you should find his name there, you shouldn’t be surprised.’’

Mumuni Yirifa Yunus

Mumuni Yirifa Yunus radio stint span close to two decades. His stay in radio has seen him work with people like DJ Mezz, DJ Sensational, Yamusah, King Hassan, Murphy, Kliff, and Brother Nash. His work on radio has also seen him produce shows for some of the best DJs in town. 

February 2021 editorial lead by NetWorq LagFu titled 2020 Music Review | Top 10 songs that ruled on radio and online streams in Northern Ghana saw Wiz Child taking the lead.

And March 2021 editorial lead by Prince Barak titled March 2021 Editorial Cover | Top 10 songs that missed the musical spotlight saw Fancy Gadam on the top of the list. The list will be released on May 20th of this month via https://www.sanatuzambang.info/…/the-white-cut-magazine/

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