Northern Ghana Music | albums released or scheduled for release in 2020

Before Covid19 took over and spread like wildfire, the music industry had loads of plans to flood the year 2020 with albums and singles. And for those who ended 2019 with album launch and concerts, they had tour schedules mapped out on their calendars.

Lucky were those who launched and released their albums and EPs between January 2020 to mid-March 2020. In the Northern Region, Fad Lan and Wumbee De Rapper are among those lucky musicians.

Wumbee de Rapper Wunta Salima Album

Wumbei de Rapper is one of the young zolahood rappers making their entrance to the music industry. the rapper took a break from music to focus on his University education. Born and raised in Northern Ghana while schooling in the Southern Region, Wumbee has found it difficult to please his two divided fans. He wants to bring new things to the industry but he also wants to give fans what they are used to.

He also complained of how tiring it is listening to same voices all the time and asked for diversity.

“When you bring something new, someone will tell you but charlie what are you doing, master, master you are in the north, you have to do what northerners are doing. That is why I was struggling. I have an EP out, wunta salima. When you listen to it, you will find it difficult to identify what kind of genre it is because I had two sides’’.

Wumbei De Rapper
Fad Lan Life too Short Album

Fad Lan is among the youngest rappers emerging in the region with great connections with his thousands of fan base in the region and beyond. Fad Lan’s album

Fad lan is always hardworking and that is one unique thing about him that I love.

Before his recent album lunch ‘Life is too short’, many people doubted if it was going to be a success looking at the rate and how fans up here in the North patronize shows. But I knew he was going to make it big because of the mad love and support he gets from the street.

Fadi lan fan base keeps on increasing each day. The streams he got for the album was so shocking. And recently he went out to shoot the video of his upcoming single ‘Mr. President’ I guess, suddenly turned into crazy floating. That guy has a bright future only if he keeps on learning about showbiz and music.

He needs to keep on working hard. He is doing magic

KingHassan Ib Justice Fm DriveTime Host

Abu Sadiq Jalaa album

Abu Sadiq is known for songs that are meant to address the ills of society and also mirror the ill actions of people in power. The iconic reggae legend will be releasing an album titled Jelaa. According to the Abu Sadiq, the album will be out this year or early 2021. However, a single from the album has been released, and if not all but almost everyone has viewed the song with a political lens.

The song Jelaa is centered on a fictional town using the technique of anecdote to explained how the people of the town were robbed of their properties just like how Africans were robbed during colonialism.

The main theme of the Jalaa album is basically on colonialism and neocolonialism tendencies in our continent and country at large. This song has been composed down for more than 10 years now. But due to its current release, many are of the view that it is purely base on our current happening in Ghana. But that is the beauty of good, it is like a double edge sword.

However, this is a good song per my personal assessment and more resources should be a push to get it to a higher pedestal

We can link it to so many happening in our society, be it politics, religion, and even our contemporary lifestyle of given out what we have easily to foreigners

It also expresses how greed permeates through our society, where people do not become satisfied

Mr. Ibrahim Nayi (Intellectual Property Consultant)

Don Sigli Pagli (fog) Album

Don Sigli, arguably one of the best songwriters in this generation of musicians released his third studio album, Pagli (fog). This master class album reaffirmed why he is respected a lot in the industry.

The first single on the album, Gungun Lelgu which he released just days after the listening party is already getting positive reviews from music enthusiasts in the region and beyond. Gungun Lelgu comes closest to Wunpini, which he released about some four years ago. 

Pagli Album will be launched on 28th November 2020 at the Aliu Mahama Sports stadium

G Kliff Sochenda Album

G Kliff is known for hit songs like Sugar Daddy, Gbiba tilga, N’yura. He was one of fans favorite back in the day with his back to back hit songs. After taking a long hiatus from the scene and coming back with his fourth studio album, Sochenda in February, G Kliff showed he still got his vibes and groves.

Though the album is not out yet he had a media listening for industry players to have a feel of the new album. The Sochenda album had a lot of collaborations from the south to the north and it featured most of the top reigning artists in the north.

In this album, G Kliff implores different genres of music to produce a masterpiece that can transcend beyond borders. He did not go the hardcore rap that a lot of fans know him to be doing. In this album, there was a lot of experimentation and some track really worked well for him and showed how versatile he can be when he chooses to be.

Gafachi Beard Man Album

Gafachi who also took to a slight break from northern music is coming back with an album and tells fans to expect something different from him. Speaking in the studios of Sanatu Zambang, the Zolahood rapper said he had to lay low to restructure and work to come out with something good for the fans.

Gafachi whose new album Beard Man was supposed to be out in September 2020 said his new work is about life and realities in our current happenings. He is taking a different dimension from what his fans know him to be doing. However Gaffachi has released a single from the album featuring Saani titled ” I don’t know how to celebrate him”.

According to him, Fad Lan did something that he was not able to do, thus let the industry accept hardcore rap which he believes is good for the growth, and hence, Fad Lan should be celebrated for his work.

We’ve seen Fadilan’s yet to see Don’s. I hope Don’s hit above because he has had dope songs on the album. Both albums to me have diverse targets. I would say Fadilan’s have this more street vibe and Don’s is more like for the matured minds I would say kind of for everyone

KingHassan Ib Justice Fm DriveTime Host

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