At some point, my family was like you have to stop this job – Maya Sibaway

By Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria

The dream of most people graduating from universities is to get employed by the government, organization, or individual. But that was not the dream of Mariam Pumaya Sibaway, the CEO OF Maya Food Court. Speaking to Mariam Pagnaa on Sanatu Zambang, Ms. Sibaway said

Mariam Pumaya Sibaway

‘’ I have never dreamt of working for anybody’’. According to her, she has ‘’ always wanted to create a job for people’’ and that is the main reason why she went into the business. She had this to say when asked what made her succeed ‘’

’I think with hard work and determination I am achieving my dream. When I started, we were just two workers now we are ten. I have created jobs for other people’’.

Maya food Court was started with her National Service Allowance. Recounting how it all started, Ms. Sibaway revealed how she fell in love with the food van that supplied her organization food during her national service days in Accra.

She thought of about it and how she could apply it in Tamale and started saving towards the business. In the beginning, Ms. Sibaway says ‘’it not easy when I started.

At some point, my family was like you have to stop this job’’. They went as far as saying ‘’It is depreciating your beauty’’. But she never gave up she continued believing in her dreams and now she has moved from selling in a container structure to a story building.

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