#sanatuzambangcaféExperience | Episode 6 ( Etornam & Fawal )

Hosted by NetWorq LagFu and Rahama Zakaria

Produced & Created by Abdul Raafi Mohammed-fishbone

Sanatu Zambang Café Experience sixth episode brought in Etonam Gh of Zimkom fame and Fawal of Chop de mic to talk about their music, experiences and the challenges they are facing as musicians in the northern music industry. 

To reinvent his music career, Fawal decided to try Sagani TV Chop de Mic Music reality talent show. According to Fawal, he did a lot of consultation before going for Chop de Mic.

Another challenge he mention which Etonam Gh shares with him is promotion. These two musicians narrate how difficult it is to get airtime in any of the media outlets to talk about their work. They both have different experiences. Fawal deals with the monetary issues of having to pay the gatekeepers to promote his work.

Another thing Etonam says is that, the industry players choose to support who to support without necessary looking at the person talent. This selective nature of the industry players does not help in discovering new artistes in the region or given the underground artiste the opportunity to shine.

Etonam who is a Voltarian grew up in Tamale and was introduce into the music industry by Mackville during a fanfare after graduating from Senior High School. This fanfare was organized by Camfed for their beneficiaries who were graduating that year.

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#sanatuzamabangcaféExperience | Etonam Gh and Fawal talk about their music