#sanatuzambangcaféExperience | Olatunde explains why he is not going to promoting his music in Ghana

Story By:  Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

Olatunde explains why he is not going to promoting his music in Ghana, his upcoming EP and the problems with the northern music industry.

Sanatu Zambang Café Experience on Saturday had Olatunde who takes his roots from both Nigeria and Ghana talk about his upcoming EP; New Era, why he is choosing to promote it in Nigeria and not Ghana, his take on the northern music industry, and his plans for his music career.  

His upcoming EP, the New Era he says he wants to use to show himself to the Nigerian audience and he hopes to break through with that EP hence why he has chosen to promote it in Nigeria.

He came to this realization when he contacted a music consultant to help him rebrand.  After the consultation, one thing that he realized was that he had a lot of Nigerian followers than Ghana. Also, Nigeria has a bigger market as compared to Ghana. Breaking through in Nigeria will automatically help him to reign in Ghana as well and make him some money.

With the New Era EP, Olatunde says he worked with underground artists. According to him, working with underground artists is way better than the already established artists. The underground artists put him in much work and are committed to the project in his view.

His three major problems with the northern music industry are the fans, artists, and industry players. According to Olatunde northern music fans are shallow-minded. They do not understand the business aspect of music. Instead of buying music, they will request it on WhatsApp.

While others will be requesting money from the artists to buy data and post them on their social media platforms.  Another thing that fans are engaging in that does not help in the growth of the industry according to Olatunde is that they choose the musician to follow and not necessarily the music that these musicians make.

With the artists, he says northern musicians are very proud and do not love one another. Explaining his point, Olatunde says they do not support each other. The reigning musicians who should lead in supporting the underground artists are not doing much. It is all about their self-interest and what they are looking to achieve individually.

Another issue with the artists is that they are not open to features. The artists explained that the reigning artists when approached by underground artiste will request they talk to their manager. Olatunde in his view says when an artist tells you to meet his management, means he is not ready to work with you hence you should move on.

On the industry players, Olatunde, says professionals are not allowed to be a pundit. Those who call themselves industry players are not up to the task. According to him, anybody that completes senior high school and starts making a few likes on social media calls themselves industry players. These industry players he says turn to pick the artists that they support instead of supporting the whole industry to grow.

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