Dr. Dufailu on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) & the Science Community in Ghana

Dr. Osman Dufailu on Genetically Modified Organisms, their benefits, and misconceptions. Dr. Dufailu is a lecturer and researcher at UDS and the Executive Director of HERPol Africa. He is a life scientist with expertise in Microbiology, Biochemistry, and metabolism. He is fond of understanding the immune response systems of humans and animals against foreign organisms.

Natural selection and Genetic modification can be compared to a typewriter and modern computer. Whilst typewriter takes a longer time and editing a mistake takes a long time, the modern computer (Genetic modification) can allow easy editing and track changes to monitor progress.

Dr. Osman Dufailu

GMO is in existence however we have to produce our own. We need proper regulation so that it would be used for the right purposes. We need planning and research before implementation. This can not be rushed from idea to implementation like other policies. Society needs enlightenment and education. We should learn to stand for Truth, not Trends. Finally, we need attitudinal and educational reforms where early childhood education would be taking seriously. Our system has failed us by producing too many job seekers and now there are no jobs and numerous problems but no solution providers. We need to know that when our abilities can not go beyond our certificates we become liabilities. We need to train problem solvers that can continue to research on GM and other issues to promote national development.

Dr. Osman Dufailu

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