“Gaffachi is my role model” || Fad Lan

Gaffachi and Fad lan

Hasana Sulemana | Sanatu Zambang News Room

The struggle of being a young artist in the Northern industry is a difficult thing to overcome especially when you are an upcoming artist. The Northern music industry is a place that when an artist’s music is not heard on the radio, is hard for the public to notice the musician. 

Fad Lan known by his fan base speaking to Sanatu Zambang said his mother gave me hope to pursue music as he had made up his mind to quit music in his early days. He said meeting Maxwell, moving with Macassio, and listening to Fancy Gadam made him step up to the game.

“The life too short” album talks about life especially my life experiences just like the album’s name suggest. Fad Lan said he has been through a lot in life which has lead him to the person he is now. Life has taught him to be independent no matter the situation, not to let anybody take you for granted, patient and tolerant.

Gaffachi is my role model” Fad Lan

Fad Lan said the album was dropped on US apple music and was ranked 182 though he didn’t side with any radio station to promote the album. He said the digital media has been his source of promoting his music because most Northern base radio entertainment presenters do not play upcoming artist music until the song is a hit.

Fad Lan advices that radio stations should program their content, they should play the up and coming songs alongside the existing ones. He said whatever you do whether a presenter or a musician, should make an impact on the society. He argues that Northern industry players should be each other keeper. 

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