Live Radio | Napaga Tia State 4 Reasons You Should Vote for Nana Akufo Addo

Exclusive with Napaga Tia | The future of Northern Ghana under the NPP

Clara, cited the Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) as one intervention that has impacted the lives of people in the district.

Napaga emphasized the significance of NABCO, recalling her experience after graduation as unemployed. This she said is a step up to drastically reduce Ghana’s unemployment rate.

Nantong is predominantly a farming community, so obviously we are enjoying the planting for food and jobs. In Nantong community, I don’t think we have not less than 8 communities and they have worked on their dams under 1V1V.

We have forestry and Nabco beneficiaries. Honestly, I wish our time we had opportunities like Nabco, some of is hustled to get jobs. In my community, Gh700 is a lot of money, so the impact of Nabco is great.

Napaga Tia Sulemana

Ayaaluna is the covid19 which many women have benefited from, we also have the Maslock loans which has also helped women.

I come from the poorest part of Ghana and in the last 4years when I go back home, I see an impact in their way of life when I go home, and I’m proud. So whenever I go there I ask to meet the women, I love to meet women, I love to address their issues. I think most candidates meet the men more.

Napaga Tia Sulemana

The women in our communities are intelligent and smart, when they stand to speak, you will be amazed.

Women’s vote is crucial, the good thing about this election is that it’s not just based on the fact that somebody is a woman, but it’s going to be on the basis that what has my cello woman done for me, what impact does she have on me.

Napaga Tia Sulemana

I in my entire life haven’t met a Southerner doing kayaye except we the Northerners. The only way to protect the future of Ghana is to give Nana Addo 4 more years.

Most of our young girls are home because probably their time free SHS wasn’t there and kayaye didn’t go well for them, so I’m thinking of introducing a vocational center in Nantong constituency so they can engage themselves in sewing, soap making, etc.

Napaga Tia Sulemana

One-on-one with presidential staffer; Clara Napaga Tia Sulemana

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