One-on-one with presidential staffer; Clara Napaga Tia Sulemana

Story Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse || Sanatu Zambang

In this week’s podcasts, we featured one of the Northern Regions’ brave daughters who are doing their little things to develop Ghana. Born in Fadzini; a suburb of the Nantong District, Ms. Clara Napaga Tia comes from a royal family from both the mother and father’s side. Her place of birth was where her father was first enskinned as chief before he later becomes Zoosali Naa (Chief of Zoosali).

As someone coming from a chieftain family, she lived all her life in the Nantong constituency. Even though she was not in Nantong itself, Clara lived most of her life in Sanvili which is her mother’s place of birth. Part of her life was also spent in Nantong-Kurugu.

As a royal, an indigene of Nantong, and a female who has risen swiftly to working now as a presidential staffer, more is expected of her as she represents a beacon of hope for most young females from her community.

For this, Clara has been in touch with her community and the people of Nantong District all this while. Even though her job location is at faraway Jubilee House in Accra, whenever she is in Tamale, she makes sure she does not return to her place of work, until she pays her people a visit.

She has been doing for some time now and also organized young females whom she mentors and gives guidelines to. Assessing the impact of the NPP government on the livelihood of the people of the Nantong District, Ms. Tia said that even though change takes some slow transitioning, the people of Nantong District have not been left out in the Nana Addo- led administration.

Aside from the Free SHS initiative, which all Ghanaians at the high school level are currently enjoying, Clara, cited the Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) as one intervention that has impacted the lives of people in the district.

Napaga emphasized the significance of NABCO, recalling her experience after graduation as unemployed. This she said is a step up to drastically reduce Ghana’s unemployment rate.

She also stated that, at least, eight communities have so far benefited from the one-district-one-dam project in the Nantong District. Others have also been enrolled in the forestry project. This she said shows the loyalty of the NPP government to their promises and the people of Ghana.

In my day-to-day interaction with the people, I’ve been a little biased because I believe in empowering the woman. So, interacting with them and listening to their stories, gives me a better idea about what they are facing.

I look at how women can feel the power of their vote. I also try to convince them to think of good policies and not concern themselves with what political party leaders give them.

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