Mrs. Hamidatu Abdul Rahman | the golden beanstalk ignored by the Northern Region NDC Executive

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

The first time I heard Madam Hamidatu Abdul Rahman communicate for the National Democratic Congress on the radio was somewhere in June on radio Justice. They paired her with Mohammed Abdul Razak Wunpini of the New Patriotic Party. She quickly captured me with her eloquent submission.

That was my first time hearing her speak and because I am not used to hearing women communicate for their parties in the region unless the person is a government appointee and she is invited to talk about things concerning the sector she is occupying. Madam Hamida is bold, fearless, and a risk-taker.

I have monitored her radio discussion and how she is able to deal with chauvinists is breath-taking. For instance, when King Faisal Yajara of the NPP tried to play the female card saying she is a woman so he would not go hard on her. Madam Hamida called him out for his male chauvinism and told him not to patronize her because of her gender. She is someone you cannot bully on Radio.

When you try to pull any surprise, you might be the one to get the surprise of your life, and one example who suffered this is Alhassan Lord of Tamale North Constituency Secretary for the NPP suffered. While he wanted to bully her, thinking Madam Hamida is just a woman he could walk over, the story went the other way. He nearly cried on a live radio discussion on Radio Justice.

But it seems the northern regional NDC executive of the party has not fully acknowledged the kind of gem they have in their party. Just like Sammy Gyamfi, she could be the female version or even surpass what Gyamfi is doing. The wonders she can do by communicating the party’s ideologies to the public and attracting more followers can be a game-changer if empowered.

If empowered, she can nurture and mentor more women to help in propagating the party’s good works. I say this because of her deep understanding of what NDC is and what it stands for. In September this year, we invited her to our studios, Sanatu Zambang to discuss the role of the youth in bringing back the NDC to power. Her submission was mesmerizing and revealed to me that, she is not just in that party because of family or just a follower.

She is at that party because she understands their ideology. To start her submission, she first mentioned the anthem of the party which starts with Rising.

‘’I think throughout the country or throughout the political society, it is only the NDC that has an anthem, I mentioned the anthem because I want to discuss the content of the anthem. The beginning of the anthem says we should rise and you know, when the issue of rising come, it is a bit linked with the youth, that, we should rise for Ghana, we patriot of the land towards a secure future and when the future is being mentioned, then, it is again linked to the youth’’.

Mrs. Hamidatu Abdul Rahman

Taking us back to the beginning she linked it with the founder, Jerry John Rowling, who together with fellow younger officers rescued the country from unbearable hardship.

‘’The other thing is looking at where NDC came from, How Jerry John Rowling came out to rule this country. He was a young man he got other young officers including himself to rescue this country from some unbearable hardship. Most Ghanaians at that time agreed that the hardship in the society was so unbearable.’’

Mrs. Hamidatu Abdul Rahman

2009, the NDC administration was one that had a very youthful appointment. According to Madam Hamida, the appointments were done strategically to pave way for the youth,

‘’they were roped in to be mentored, to take up the management of the country. We were pursuing the revolutionary agender, to get the youth to take up the management of the country while the elderly give out the advice because of the youth harbor a lot of energy. vibrancy is for the youth’’.

Mrs. Hamidatu Abdul Rahman

I was very shocked when I heard her talk passionately about the NDC, but what was even more shocking was when I mentioned her name to one of the members of parliament in the northern region and the person had to think for more than a minute to get who I was talking about.

I felt sad and disappointed that she is not known within her party. This I believe limits her work at the party. I think the regional executive of the party is refusing to acknowledge her worth and re misusing her at the party. And before you come to say she has not brought her head out to be seen or heard let me give you a little background of her at the party.

She describes her children as political babies. In her own words, she says

” I have three kids. All my kids are political babies. My firstborn, when I gave birth to him, was not up to two weeks when they appointed me to the regional election’s directorate so the median meeting I attended, I could not carry him, I was holding him. After that meeting, two weeks later, we were going to Sunyani. He was still like that. I still went to Sunyani with him like that. The second-born the same thing. The last one when I gave birth to her, I was contesting for regional elections, she was not up to 20 days and I was moving her around to campaign”.

Mrs. Hamidatu Abdul Rahman

She has always been vocal and participated in the internal politics of the party. In the 2009 NDC administration, she showed interest in District Chief Executive for her home town.

‘’I had graduated from the university and I had a conversation with someone at the national executive and he said there is nothing wrong with me being the District Chief Executive at 26, so I should go and file for it. That was in 2009. Yes, I came around and I got the support. You know this part of our country; the young people are supposed to be holding the bags of our elders. I came and I was part of them going through the vetting, nobody discouraged me. I was rather encouraged and after the vetting, I emerge as the third person unfortunately, I did not go through. I got the encouragement to push on.’’

Mrs. Hamidatu Abdul Rahman

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