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Swida Gh organizes training workshop for women farmers On Wednesday, 29th October 2020, Swida Gh organized a training workshop for women farmers in Savelugu at the disability center labeled TRAINING WORKSHOP ON CLIMATE RESILIENT AGRICULTURE FOR WOMEN FARMERS.

This training workshop is part of Swida Gh Climate Change Project which they launched this month on the International Day of the Rural Women with funding from Global Fund for Women.

This training workshop brought together women farmers from different communities within the Savelugu Municipal Assembly to educate them on the sustainable ways of farming and how to economically gain from their labor.

Dubbed: “How to grow Soybeans”, the initiative is being implemented by the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI) and the Gren-Ef Eco Business Village Ltd.

The facilitator of the workshop, Mr. Baako Abdulai who happens to be the Municipal Director of Agric in Savelugu educated the women on the best farming practices in the era of climate change.

He also shared with the women the importance of the shea tree and advised against the indiscriminate felling of the trees. The facilitator gave the women the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges in their line of work. One of the challenges they mentioned was the reclaiming of their land due to urbanisation.

According to the women, without notice, individuals, private or cooperation fell down their shea trees for redevelopment with the claimed that, they have bought the lands. This practice they say is impacting negatively on their business and livelihood.

The Communication Officer of Swida Gh, Miss Khadija Abdul Samed reiterated the organization’s support to women farmers in the Municipality. According to her, this training workshop on climate-resilient agriculture is part of a series of projects that Swida Gh will be undertaking in the municipality and other districts in the northern region to improve the livelihood of women farmers.

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