Jelaa is not a political song | Abu Sadiq speaks on his latest masterpiece

Abu Sadiq honoured in Burkina Faso | Reggae/Highlife Musician

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang

2020 is a political year for Ghana and any song that is released by musicians people turn to look at it from a political eye. This phenomenon exists because most musicians turn to churn out songs that have a political tone either for one of the political parties contesting for the election or songs meant to ridicule politicians for taken the electorate for granted.

It is no surprise when Abu Sadiq known for songs that are meant to address the ills of the society and also mirror the ill actions of people in power towards the citizens released Jelaa and people are attributing it to be a political song.
But the reggae artiste has asked his fans and music lover to not see it as an internal political song but rather see it in the context of colonialism.

”The song is over ten years now and I didn’t write it base on any political thought but rather base on the story of colonialism”.

Abu Sadiq

”You only have to get clarity from the owner if he/she is available. Someone can find a meaning to your song which is completely different from the mindset you use in composing that particular song” he continued.

Abu Sadiq

The song Jelaa is centered on a fictional town using the technique of anecdote to explained how the people of the town were robbed of their properties just like how Africans were robbed during colonialism.

”The people of Jelaa were deceived by unknown strangers who came to them pretending to help them by building their dams and also taking over their farmlands but in the end, the people of Jelaa had to suffer for that”.

Abu Sadiq

Reggae legend, Abu Sadiq was honored in Burkina Faso for his contribution to music during this year’s Village d’Expression des Musiques (VEMAO) awards on 4th October 2020.

VEMAO is one of the most prestigious music and cultural festival in Burkina Faso held to celebrate musicians who are doing well in music.

The Jelaa hitmaker was awarded at the 4th edition of the most attended music festival in the capital city of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou in recognition of his music and its impact on the continent.

Speaking to the media at the ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of VEMAO, Ben Kelly noted that, the award is aimed at appreciating the reggae veteran’s commitment and talent put at the service of the development of African culture.

He further commended the singer for using music to advocate for peace and development. “Abu Sadiq must be commended for always preaching peace and development,” he said.

The event was a colorful one as thousands of people from different countries as well as diplomats and ministers of state attended the program.

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