Early Child Marriage: who should take the blame — Tamale Metro Youth Parliament debates

Story Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse || Sanatu Zambang

Earlier today, the Tamale Metro Assembly Youth Parliament had seating at the forecourt of the Lamashegu Chief Palace. The seating which was hinged on the motion “Child Marriage in our Communities: is it a failure of parents or the law?” The event was sponsored by Botnar Foundation and Tamale Metropolitan Assembly.

The seating was graced by representatives of the Tamale Metro Assembly, the Department of Social Welfare, Chiefs, Parents, and Children alike.

Even though it had rained earlier in the morning, it did not prevent the seating from taking place.

Presided by the Right Honourable Speaker, Mr. Iddi Yussif Rayan, the two sides convincingly argued on their respective sides of the motion.

The Majority Leader, Hon. Yakubu Sharif kept the blame on parents. According to his caucus, even in the early years of child development, some parents choose to give out their children to strengthen their tides with friends.

The minority whip also stated that parenthood is a shared responsibility of the couple, but many parents in this part of the world, often leave the duty to only women.

Hon. Adams of the minority caucus argued that in as much as the provision of the law is for society’s benefit, law and order must respect conventional laws that were already established by customs and traditions.

According to him, for centuries, our ancestors have married at an early age, but, they had had successful marriage lives. And that, for changes to take effect, the laws should synergize with conventional practices and should respect the traditional laws before they can adopt them.

The minority leader, Hon. Abdul-Shakur also called on the Speaker to concentrate on the discourse as the majority caucus was not mindful of their words.

The gallery seated, also shared their views on the motion as well as guests who were also available.

A young girl appealed to parents to restrain from giving them to men at early stages, as it cuts their academic journey.

A mother also said that men should help in the nurturing process so that children won’t be given out for marriages.

The leadership of the house applauded both houses for how they comported themselves during the seating and the elders of the palace who amidst their tight schedules, sat to the end of the event.

The event did not leave behind any class as the minors, old, youth, disabled, illiterates, parents, traditional and political leaders, and students were all present.

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