Editor of Sanatu Zambang has angrily fired back at Northern Entertainment Critics

Imoro Sherifa || Sanatu Zambang Newsroom

Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria Editor of Sanatu Zambang has angrily fired back at entertainment critics for their lack of understanding of her recent article titled Fighting Nepotism at the National Level and Ignorant Entertainment Pundits at Home.

“The reactions and comments I am getting from this piece are refreshing. The comments also reflect how the industry is positioned to see musicians as the villains in the story.

You seat on radio and compare northern artistes and southern artiste’ work without acknowledging the individual struggles that these two groups go through. The same people who seat to criticize northern artistes for not putting up good works are the same people who will not pay them for their labor when they bill them to perform at their events.

But these same industry players will pay a southern artiste to perform at the same event that they refuse to pay the northern artistes. In this same article, the critics are not even interested in the nepotism at the national level that was raised.

The system and circles that exist, that if you do not belong or have a relation with the mafias there, you do not get the recognition and some sponsorship deals in the country even if you are reigning in your locality.”

Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria

The article was inspired by an interview on Breakfast Live show with guests Don Sigli and Maccasio. Ms. Rahama explained in her article that;

From a fan perspective, you think everything is rosy for artistes to make a hit song and trend nationwide without actually seeing the struggles that artists go through to get airplay for it to trend nationwide especially for northern artistes.

We are quick to criticize and point out the flaws of these artistes without looking at the hurdles they have to jump. Entertainment pundits in Northern Region usually make a mistake of trying to compare southern artistes and northern artistes in terms of how their works are played nationwide.

I read the piece and u spoke my mind so am at peace. Mostly I see this and I just flip, managing an underground artist opened my eyes to the struggles of up and coming performers aka artists/rappers etc

Former Artist Manager

It is the fans. Now they are well informed and they would not take any bulls**t from anyone”. OneNira on the other hand says that, with technology on the rise, artiste now have the freedom to be creative and not depend on some few people to bring their works out.

”if you wouldn’t produce a song that will fit into their tempo, they would not play it. It was really affecting the creativity of the industry. Everything was focus on a few people. If they don’t play your songs, then you were nothing.”


Still on the appreciation of music. Don Sigli says pundits should look beyond the fact that they grew up with someone and the person is now rising.

They should give constructive criticism and respect the artistes if he should have a small number of fans because it is not animals that are listening to his music.

‘’Now presenters do not have the power like back in the day but they do not know. Why are they not organizing programs again? The stadium is still there. They should go ahead and organize and bring the artistes. When they bring artiste from south to come and perform, they treat the northern artistes who are there to support as flies.’’

George Kliff

They should be mindful of that. If they stop playing the artistes song on the radio, people are going to stop listening to the radio but the artistes have their following on social media. They can create online radio and the fans can come and listen to his/her music. The artiste can turn to a presenter and says what they want to say’’

“At first we thought only DJs can promote us, but now that’s not the case. We have a new breed of fans and they like to explore different music genres unlike the old days DJs dictate which music fans should listen to.

These days everything is online, fans go to music sites and stream. On selling of CDs, most of our fan base can access music streaming sites, so that’s why we mostly prefer online sharing than sales of CDs.” — GaffachiGaffachi

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