We want to make the public a reading public – Mr. Aaron Kowornu

The director of the Northern Regional Library, Mr. Aaron Kowornu has said the current administration of the Library is working to make the public a reading public. According to him, a well-read person is able to make an informed decision and fact check any information they may come across from friends.

Mr. Koworno in an interview with Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria at the studios of Sanatu Zambang said the administration has rolled out some projects and also creating new ones to make this dream a reality. One of the projects that is currently running is the personality read.

With the personality read, the library brings in notable men and women from the region who have made it in the society to come and read to the children and also interact with them. This is in a bid to encourage the children to read.

The library is introducing innovative ways to engage people in our communities.

Mr Aaron Kowornu

Another project that the library is working on is to have districts and community libraries under its jurisdiction. So far, plans are far gone in district like Yendi, Savelugu, Saboba, Dalun, and Bimbila to have their own libraries. Mr. Kowornu also said the library is working with schools in the region to establish libraries in the schools and stopped locking up books in the office.

One of our vision is to let the library be in every community. That is the truth so that we can make the public a reading community and be informed not to wait for someone to tell you something which you cannot verify so that you can take decisions that are right.

And when you are in that movement you can let the people through your connection support the library in various ways. It is not necessary to cash but we need it. Because right now if you see the children’s library people love it.

We need to do the same at the adult library

Aaron Kuwornu, Director of Northern Regional Library.

According to him, the books are meant to be read and not locked up. He also took the opportunity to call on the public, especially, those who have benefited from the library to start putting up structures for libraries at the communities to help children develop their reading skills. The director in his submission said

”the library is the university for the poor man.”

Mr Aaron Kowornu

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