The rise of fashion and beauty business in the northern region.

Tamale, as been touted as one of the fastest developing city in West Africa and this, can be attributed to the innovation and creative minds of the new generation. One aspect of the ecosystem that is on the rise is the beauty and fashion industry.

Day in day out young minds are learning and creating new businesses that are related to beauty and fashion. To discuss the beauty and fashion industry in the northern region and how they came to be part of one of the rising industries in the region.

Sanatu Zambang brought in Hakouru Nafiz, Irene Kolan, and Raha Zakaria. Ayana Nafiz who is a teacher, came into the fashion industry not long ago after she started teaching.

Though her dad was not in support of her dream, she worked hard to prove to her father, who is more of the educationist type that, fashion can also be a source of income for her and she can be successful there as well. Currently, she is teaching and as well as living her dream of sewing.

For now, she works from home and hopes to have her own fashion house someday where she can employ other people.

Kolan Irene is a model and an entrepreneur. She uses waste material to make carrier bags and shopping bags. Irene Kolan started her career in a beauty pageant but was still not satisfied in the field and move into runaway modeling.

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Irene has walked on the runaway on all the major fashion shows in the country and has also traveled outside of the country to strut the runway. She has established her own business, thus the making of bags from waste. Irene as a climate change activist is using waste plastic and other materials to weave into bags.

According to her, she wants to scale up the productions so as to make it affordable for everyone within her community to be able to buy. While Raha Zakaria is a bread maker. She started with beading Sandals to sell at her grandmother’s shop.

From there she graduated into beading customized bracelets for people to give to their loved ones. Right now, she is also working to get her own machine so as to scale up her productions.

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