Samakose Enterprise: Developing young minds to drive the next face of northern region

Story: Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria || Sanatu Zambang Newsroom

Over the past years one enterprise is creating an ecosystem to drive the new face of northern region through entrepreneurial skills. Samakose Enterprise developed by Amin wants to see young people develop their idea and make it a reality to help themselves and the their immediate environment.

At Samakose you are not only trained to develop your idea, but you get to develop your personality and also get you get connected to other like minded people so you can network and find similarities with each other where you can collaborate to move your respective enterprises forward.

” Samakose is a home for everyone who wants to make an impact, you don’t have to necessarily have to be an entrepreneur but eventually you will have to be an entrepreneur because you need to keep what you are doing going and it has to live on after you are gone.

So I will say it is the home of entrepreneurs where you come to get the skills, the consultancy and whatever you need to scale up your business and get connected to other business who you can collaborate with to do whatever you want to do business with.”

Nabeel Renzel, founder of Chicken hub

Nabeel Renzel, founder of Chicken hub and also a Samakose graduate had this to say when asked how he will define Samakose.

Over the years most of the Samakose graduates are thriving with their businesses while others are running a foundation to help their society.

”Amin is a person of acceptance regardless of who you are and where you are coming from”

Fuseini Fadila

Fuseini Fadila is the co founder of Tiyumba hope foundation that provide education to the youth on their sexual and reproductive health rights and responsibilities. She had this to say about Amin, the founder of Samakose.

Prince Chenti of Ghana Youth Guide, another youth led organisation that is into the empowerment of youth in the region also had this to say about Samakose

“Samakose is network that connect young people together to think outside the box and make an impact” But this is what the founder had to say about his creation, Samakose, “It is a mix feeling of personal growth and entrepreneurial growth and the way we handle our personal process at Samakose.

Prince Chenti

We pick you personally, polish you up because we believe we are not investing in your idea. I am not wasting my time or spending my time looking at your idea. That is not what I am interested in.

I am interested in your personality because at the end of the day, it is the personality that will run the place. So if the personality is not developed how can you run a develop idea?” Stories like this make us believe that future of young people is bright and they are in safe hands with selfless and developmental oriented people.

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