”We don’t know her” and that in itself is a disqualification”- Kawusada Abubakari

”The basic thing about politics is socialization. As a girl, if I am not seen for an hour, my parents will have to look for me and I will be questioned. I have to give an account for my every movement.

But for the young man, he can even choose to take days out, no one is going to ask of him, and when we talk about partisan politics in Ghana, it’s about being seen and known. We have instances where they are vetting a candidate and the local chairman will be like ” We don’t know her” and that in itself is a disqualification ” – Kawusada Abubakari

Miss Fouzia nobbing in agreement to Madam Kawusada statements’ also encouraged that, in all levels in life that women find themselves, they shouldn’t pull back upon seeing men.   

The discussion was also geared towards challenges that women face stepping into politics which Miss Fouzia pointed out some challenges that faced women who ventured into politics.

She mentioned cultural and religious practices, specifically in the Northern sector, women are raised with the perception that they are to stay and do house chores whiles men are raised to look after women. Miss Fouzia disagreed with the notion that women are meant to be in the kitchen and men are the head/breadwinner of the family.

She said the notion puts women in a situation in which a woman has to ask for permission before taking steps which are also quite understanding because of security reasons.

She explained the future that these challenges get worse when moving to the top/national level. Madam Kawusada also emphasized on the notion that a woman has to ask for permission before venturing into politics because questions such as “Is your husband aware?” especially if she is a married woman and if she is not, most people have the perception that, that particular woman is a “prostitute”.

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