Wunpini F. Mohammed, Ph.D.: 4 Publications, 2 Research Awards, 1 Teaching Award

Dr Wunpini F. Mohammed with a glass of wine on her balcony

Wunpin F Mohammed started the year with her first solo-authored academic article on digital activism in Northern Ghana. ” I’m particularly proud of this because this project grew me as an activist & connected me to the activist community in my hometown, Tamale”. she said.

In the same month of Feb, Wunpini F Mohammed had her first co-authored, lead-authored journal article published. It was her first time being published in an Africa-based journal.

We tried to keep telcos in Ghana accountable to their communities of operation.

Dr Wunpini F Mohammed

By early 2019, Wunpini F Mohammed finished translating and then transcribing her dissertation data, 90% of which was in Dagbanli.

This is the biggest project of my career because I was basically a griot who documented the history & present of the Dagbanli film industries

Dr Wunpini F Mohammed

In April, Wunpini was honored for her incredible work in the classroom. While it’s easy for many to choose one over the other when presented with the choices of research or teaching. ”I don’t think I can. I love them both” she said.

Thankful to mama for inspiring me to be a better teacher

Dr Wunpini F Mohammed

As Wunpini wrote up her dissertation, she worked on other projects one of which won her several awards at the Internation Communication Association. Her solo-authored paper on journalistic griots won second prize in the @EthnicityRace division of ICA in May. Wunpini F Mohammed also won the best paper in African Journalism via @African Journalism Studies

Wunpini F Mohammed returned to defend her dissertation a few days after to become Dr. Mohammed. Several friends & loved ones attended to witness this important transition.

I had the most amazing team behind me. And I’m always grateful for Dr. Olorunnisola for all his support. This was a good day.

Dr Wunpini F Mohammed

On August 10, Dr. Wunpini officially graduated with a PhD in Mass Communications from Penn State Bellisario College & a minor in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies and a concentration in African Studies.

Nobody was happier than my mama about my graduation. She danced! I had so much fun!

Dr Wunpini F Mohammed

In September, Dr. Wunpini wrote a book review for @africasacountry which broke the internet.

Dr. Wunpini continued teaching at Penn State Bellisario College as a lecturer while working on research projects. ”My favorite research project was published in October by @IntRadioJournal This project was directly inspired by work in the newsroom in Tamale as a teenager.” Dr. Wunpini said with a smile.

In December, Dr. Wunpini got a tenure track job. Starting fall 2020, Dr. Wunpini joined UGA Grady College as Assistant Professor of Global Media Industries (tenure track) at the University of Georgia. Dr. Wunpini showered praises and thanks to Dr. Anthony Olorunnisola & Penn State Bellisario College for all the support.

Dr. Wunpini last publication of 2019 released on Dec 20.

My chapter is “Deconstructing Homosexuality in Ghana.” I learned so much about the history of sexualities in Northern Ghana working on this

Dr Wunpini F Mohammed

Four publications, 2 research awards, 1 teaching award, a 220 paged dissertation, some public scholarship, lots of teaching experience and a tenure track job later… 2019 has been MY year. And I’m forever grateful

Dr Wunpini F Mohammed

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