‘I started my business at the university’ – Adee’s Food

By Rahamatu-Lahi Zakaria

While others go to school to acquire the only certificate, the CEO of Adee’s food went to school to acquire both certificates and business. Rabi Abu, CEO of Adee’s food in an interview with Mariam Pagnaa on Sanatu Zambang disclosed how Adee’s food started on the campus of University for Development Studies.

Though her Mum, like many Ghanaian parents, just wants their kids to go school, graduate and sit in an office, Rabi did not buy into that circle and this led her into starting her sobolo business in level 100 in the university. When asked who motivated her to go into business, she mentions her mother.

‘’I could tell you what motivated me was my Mum. She never had the opportunity to go to school. She was always in the market selling and traveling’’. 

This routine she says made her think again because her Mum was able to provide her needs with the selling of good in the market. While still in school, Rabi used her ‘chop money’ to learn how to do yogurt and also buy a popcorn machine.

Though she failed in her first attempt in preparing yogurt, it did not deter her from continuing with it. She persisted. Now she does pastries, fruit juice, smoothies and other local drinks On what are the challenges she faces when starting her business, Rabi names capital and people’s perception about sobolo.

‘’they go like, oh but it is just solobo, people sell it in town at 50.00p so why should you brand yours and sell it at 2.00’’.

She tells that, people are not understanding the difference between her and the others who do sobolo.

The extra effort she put into making and packaging her sobolo is the difference and that is what people should be looking at and not just ingredients.

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