Farmer Voice Radio (FVR); providing radio outreach training for Tungteiya women association

Hasana Sulemana || Sanatu Zambang Newsroom ||

Farmer Voice Radio (FVR) is a program initiated by the Lorna Young Foundation from UK with Tungteiya Women Association which aims at empowering women in quality shea butter production and encourage afforestation in the Northern Region.

Cristina Talens from the Lorna Young Foundation is providing radio outreach training for Tungteiya women association to enable them to learn new ideas through interacting with other Tungtieya women in different communities via the FVR.

Lorna Young Foundation is a charity foundation in the UK that aims at elevating poverty for smallholder farmers, focuses on climate change adaptation and resilience and provides training through radio, SMS and farmers’ listening groups. The foundation has been funding FVR for the past two years within the Upper East Region, Garu, and Walewale

The Chairperson of the Tungteaiya Shea Butter Association, Monica Tufour has appealed to chiefs in the region to begin to sanction people who cut down shea trees in their communities. She said the shea trees are diminishing because of the constant cutting down of the economic tree.

Speaking to the media today after a three-day workshop to empower women in the shea industry on how to produce quality shea butter through a program called Farmer Voice Radio. Tungteiya Women association has been operating for the past 25 years with 11 communities in five districts within the Northern Region and 600 members.

 The workshop lasted for three days comprised of women within the Tungteiya association but from different communities.  Madam Monica said the chiefs should take an initiative to plant shea trees in their communities to enable the women to continue their business.

A Facilitator of Tunteiya Women Shea Butter Association Hajia Safura Iddi said there is much labour in the shea butter industry adding that, the women leave early to go and pick the nuts which put their lives in danger. She appeals to the government intervention to supply women in the shea industry with a modernized instrument that they will use to pick the nuts which she said it will be faster than using the hands.

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