Staying in Ghana: Dutch students document ‘the greenhouse’ experience in Karimenga

Story; Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse || Sanatu Zambang SDGs Live Report

While the karimenga ‘friends of the greenhouse’ story is tearing through waves, communication students from Hodgeschool Journalistiek in the Netherlands are using communication tools to document their experience in Karimenga and the story of the ‘greenhouse’.

The two; Stephanie Roggekamp and Eline Teunissen who have been staying at ‘the greenhouse’ in Karimenga for the past three weeks are volunteers from ‘Meet Africa’ who are on a volunteer trip to the community to learn diverse cultures and inter-continental relations.

Prior to their journey to Ghana, they were given some form of orientation to prepare them to fit well when they come. The two did not feel boredom or home-sake as they had already prepared their minds and knew that no matter what, they are going back home. “Staying together as a pair also has helped us a lot and we can easily communicate with each other”. They added.

The two have done a minor course on Global Development Issues which is centered on the SDGs and are therefore using their communication skills to produce a video about ‘the greenhouse’ and the karimenga experience.

According to Stephanie and Eline, they saw more than they had thought they will. Traveling in broad daylight from Accra all the way up to the north, they were able to see Ghana and the beautiful landscape and its people.

Speaking to Sanatu Zambang’s Zakaria Abdul-Hakim, Eline recommended the hospitality of the community and how they interact with them.

“We are part of a family. It feels more of a home as compared to the Netherlands, where people are more keeping to their individual lives…” she remarked.

Stephanie said one thing she has learned includes the wise sayings of the people which is not always the case back home. “… Don’t judge people. Coming to Karimenga has taught me that we don’t need luxury (the phones, cars, etc.) to live.

From Karimenga, they will come coming to Tamale to stay for two days at Sanatu Zambang Studios, then head over to the Volta Region and finally to Accra for departure back to Holland.

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