Amie’s fashion style and Choices

Story; Hasana Sulemana

Amie is one of the youngest female artists from the Northern part of Ghana, she does Afropop music, Dancehall, and R n B. She is one of the artists who basically like to wear short clothes to show off how beautiful her legs are.

She said “Am a tall person about 170cm so mostly I like to show off my legs, so I would like to wear something that will help expose my legs/thighs but not necessary it being something short.”


Amie’s interest in fashion has, however, had its negative and positive impacts on her persona and music. She said,

“In a way, as a musician, I have to look good outside, so it has to influence you explicit and presentable for the people.”


Radia Tanko is the brain behind most of Amie’s fashion style. Amie was introduced to Radia by Fishbone of Sanatu Zambang.

Photography by Nana Kyei

Radia is a talented fashion designer who learned her art of work by heart even though it is a family trade, she learned by observation and continuous practice.

Radia ’s talent and artwork are admired by Amie due to the nature in which she learned her art.

In 2019, some pictures of Amie which was released as part of her comeback was taken by Nana Kyei of captured studios.

The choice of location was because she wanted something outside the usual, something that would raise up a little bit of Amie, bringing in something new for people to view. 

Amie describes Nana Kyei as a strict photographer but she liked working with him. Listen to Amie 2019 single, Can’t Cool produced by STONE BRAIN.

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