Atigsi Badek Review; Diva 1 & Amie, “beef”, a situation that transcends the loyalty of fans.

Diva1 and Amie also shared their concerns about the music industry and their plans to break down boundaries in 2020.

The nation-wide popularity enjoyed by Fancy Gadam and to a large extent Maccasio appears to be the drive behind artistes like Amie. This is because for a really long time music made in the savanna was tagged ethnic–made to fit a certain ethnicity and not necessarily appeal to people outside a particular ethnic group. However, the efforts of Gadam Nation and 69 Fans have broken that long-held myth.  The music industry is gradually opening up to the multiplicituos nature of our being as Ghanaians – varied ethnicity as well as interests albeit unique cultural elements that influence our musical expression.

atigsi badek

Music in the Northern Region continues to witness an influx of new entrants. The intentions for venturing into music however vary. Whilst other’s just want some fame to run around with, many are poised to conquer the industry and maintain domination.

Even-though the industry is currently male dominated, the advent of contemporary music-forms appears to be serving helping many who want to express their artistic being through music. Thankfully the opportunities have been well embraced and young ladies are giving their male counterparts a hard run for space on the scene.

atigsi badek

Amie  “Boss Chick” Produced by Stone B, is definitely staging a classy entrance. And in the process giving a good impression of herself as a musician. Even though the single is a cross-genre tune, the musical prowess of the young lady cannot be downplayed.

atigsi badek

Portraying the persona of a Dance-Hall artiste, many saw her as a stiff competition for acts like Diva 1. The title of her first song also spoke volumes, dictating a dominancy that could only be re-enforced with follow-up releases.

Her presence on the scene in that year is believed to have influenced Diva 1’s We Take dem Run song. Despite the fact that none of the two musicians openly threw jabs at each other; Stop that sh*t by Diva 1 further lent credence to an assertion that there exists a certain animosity between the two; a situation that affirms the artistry of Amie.  

atigsi badek

Diva 1 is arguably the most prolific female musical gem blessing the Tamale music scene; her energetic, and animated performances continue to serve as a thrill wherever she performs. With a laudable vocal strength, she matches her male counterparts with frequent releases. Her consistency in the industry exudes the characteristics of a focused individual. One might attribute her resilience to a formidable team, but the enigmatic performer is yet to land a record deal – if you are looking to manage or produce an artiste whose skill and commitment to the art is peerless, then you should reach out to Diva 1.

atigsi badek

Tamale has been saddled with so much musical “beef”, a situation that transcends the loyalty of fans. Whilst “beef” has culminated into success for some artistes, its also led others to an abyss; an oblivion beyond redemption. For the budding industry to truly become a huge economic success, tact and strategy must dominate the actions or inactions of artistes. To survive a religiously polarized society, one needs to employ a lot of thought into all they do. Whilst many might jump to an explicit and raunchy song, they will rather patronize music that entertains and educates them wholly in a very creative way. So, the release of “drop that sh*t” is not only a deviation from the fun-nature of Diva 1’s songs but an attempt at confusing some of us who have fallen in love with what she brings to the musical buffet.

As one of the few ladies giving the male dominated music industry in Tamale a true taste of what a lady-musician brings to the table; shifting focus from entertaining music, to war-like music is not in your best interest. The gangster posturing of artistes in the name of appearing street comes with a price, and if that’s the path Diva 1 has chosen to travel, she should state that explicitly.

atigsi badek

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