“Have a look at this picture, it says everything I wanted to say”. – Naa Bapri Mion Lana Ablai, Gbewaa Zuu Ablai

Story; Mumuni Yirifa Yunus || Justice Fm

Last December, the Kingdom was in a state of uncertainty, millions of its citizens did not know the path peacemakers had taken, was it going to lead the ancient kingdom into a civil war or into a new era of peace, unity, and love?

Dark clouds were seen above the skies of the kingdom whose peace was as fragile as a minute old egg and the agitations of interested parties greeted the screens of an anxious nation, days before the funerals of the two fallen lions.

Behind the scenes, peace brokers employed all their tactics to light the peace pipes for a peaceful smoke, believers of the ‘son of God’ spent their Christmas season praying for divine intervention and the believers of the ‘most loved prophet of the Beneficent, the Most Merciful’ fasted and prayed during the dusty dry and warm days and went into the cold harmattan nights, praying for the kingdom not to be thrown into its former path of hatred, bloodshed and disunity. The believers of the earth gods, the ‘protectors of the nearly millennium-old kingdom’ slaughtered a variety of domestic and wild animals to appease the gods of the land to wash away the bloodstains of the innocent on walls across the kingdom and sow the seed of love and unity across the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern ends of the kingdom.

December came and passed, then came January where a compromise was reached, as prayed. The Lion who had long disappeared returned home to retake his position. Love reigned, the seed of peace had germinated and a new era was birthed.

Today, as the leadership of the Dagbon community in the Greater Accra Region paid a courtesy call on Naa Bapri Mion lana Ablai, Gbewaa Zuu Ablai and asked for his words of advice to the youth of Dagban, His Royal Highness took out this picture and said “have a look at this picture, it says everything I wanted to say”.

Image: The famous Alhaji One- One, looking at the picture of the Mion lana and the Yoo Naa

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